3. How do I transfer a website from my current provider to your hosting?

If your website is not using MySQL databases, moving your site is very easy. Simply upload all your files to the 'public_html' folder on our server. If you have a PHP based website, check if it has any configuration files where domain name or path to the files can be set. Update these values if needed.

If your website is using MySQL, you need to move the database here and update configuration files of your PHP scripts accordingly:

1. Backup database on the old server
If your current provider has a MySQL backup tool - use it. Usually you can login to phpMyAdmin, select your database and click on 'Export' tab. Choose Save as file and select 'gzipped'. Download of your database backup should start afterward.

2. Create the database on our server
Once the download is finished you will have a file named something like yourdatabase.sql.gz. Before you can restore it, you will need to create a database on our system. Please enter your control panel and click on the MySQL icon. Now choose the option to add the new database, create the MySQL user for it and finally click on 'Add User To Database' button. Do not forget to write these details down as you will need them later.

3. Importing database data to our server
Once the database is created, enter our phpMyAdmin (the icon for the tool is located in cPanel). Once inside, click on 'Import' tab, browse to the backup file of your database (yourdatabase.sql.gz for example) and click Go. Database restoration procedure will begin. Please be patient, as it can take quite a lot of time to complete if your backup size is large.

4. Updating configuration files
Now, when the database is restored, you will need to open the configuration file of your PHP script and update database host, database name, database username and database password values. Use the values that you've written down when you created the new database. Note: we use localhost as MySQL hostname.

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